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This is the New SharePoint 2010 solutions for Government showcasing the new SharePoint 2010 features and technologies for Government and Citizen scenarios. This solution includes areas around Intranet, Extranet, Internet, Reporting and Analysis, Collaboration, Electronic Forms and Workflow, Social Networking and Communities, Content Management and also Windows Live ID integration. We have scenarios for both citizens and government agency workers. The solution also includes the Gov 2.0 Toolkit, which is a set of templates allow government agencies to gear their sites around some of the emerging key trends in eGovernment today! Gov 2.0 ToolKit 'My Peeps' templates enable social sharing of information within government entities and allows optional promotion of this information to public facing social networking sites. This solution’s major advantage is that it is hosted on-premise for “government-only” social networking and all information is kept internal unless otherwise tagged to be posted to Internet sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Release II is now available under the download tab. In release II we make it easier to walk thru all the key features of SharePoint 2010 in the Government Scenarios via a single user. We created simple favorites to showcase key of Sites, Communities, Content, Search, Composites and Insights. Along with the downloadable Templates we have an Interactive Demo available on our Public Sector Online Demo site at:

Downloadable installable templates (SharePoint Content Packs) are available under the download tab.

Government Solutions for SharePoint 2010 Screen Shots:

Government Internet Portal:



Citizen Online Services:



Government Intranet Portal:


Government Agency Worker MySite (personal site):



Gov 2.0 Toolkit MyPeeps Template:


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